The Coop Lab program has shown resiliency and adaptation in its attempts to revitalize and strengthen its mission in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic’s obstacles. Coop Lab is dedicated to providing children and young people with critical life skills, such as financial literacy, social and emotional development, and entrepreneurship, by utilizing creative approaches and modifying its teaching methodology.

As part of the ongoing commitment to revitalize the Coop Lab program, a series of monitoring visits to each of our partner schools to our branches was embarked. These visits serve as a crucial step in ensuring the effective implementation and success of the program. During these visits, the progress and impact of the program are not only assessed but also actively engage with students and educators.

In tandem with the monitoring visits, dynamic financial literacy training sessions across various branches are conducted. These sessions are designed to empower children and young people with essential life skills, including financial literacy. To make the learning experience even more exciting, a quiz bee is also incorporated, testing participants’ knowledge and understanding. Additionally, a logo-making contest has been introduced to foster creativity and artistic expression, allowing participants to visually capture the spirit of financial empowerment.

Through these initiatives, creating a comprehensive and engaging learning environment for all participants had as its aim. By combining monitoring visits with interactive training and contests, the Coop Lab program is hoped not only to be revived but will also be sustained, leaving a lasting positive impact on the students and communities involved.

As part of the ongoing dedication in fostering sustainable practices within the cooperative, the team recently attended a comprehensive trainers’ training on cooperatives for climate action. This invaluable experience has the participants the knowledge and tools to integrate environmental considerations into the cooperative initiatives.

Through the integration of the training’s principles with the fundamental values ingrained in the Coop Lab program, a comprehensive perspective to community development is brought, with the dual goals of empowering individuals with financial literacy and fostering a collaborative atmosphere that actively participates in climate action